PRICE REDUCTION - SDE $54K - ONLY $89,500.00



  This company started from humble beginnings in one location to expanding all across United States, with associates, and company reps in more than 14 states and currently expanding in additional locations. This is a very exciting opportunity as this company is poised to have explosive growth ! The company could be offered as a  franchise or in an MLM marketing arena.  




  Much effort and preparation has been put into a Website, with a back office offered to the associates & reps providing : Scheduling, a private store, event listings, commission & marketing reports. Google for work - Full Drive system is being used for : Step by step manuals, Media, Videos, Flyers, Instruction & Training. This company can be run from anywhere in or out of the United States  


SALES PRICE $ 89,500.00



1- ECBB NDA 2019 (pdf)


Paint Party Flyer (pdf)


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